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It is said that time heals all wounds, but sometimes the emotional scars left behind by trauma can seem impossible to overcome. While it is not always easy, there are ways to begin the healing process.


Defining emotional healing

Emotion is a huge factor and is very important for us to heal. When you’re unhappy, like you encounter an accident or experience pain in your body, it will affect your emotions.

Another example is when you experience trauma, it is stuck in your unconscious mind. You have an extreme emotional response to events related to the cause of your trauma. You will panic or goes into shock from fear.

Shock and panic give powerful negative energy that will be trapped and eventually accumulate in your unconscious mind. It can change your perspective and affects your lifestyle like a sinking pattern.

If you experience the same situations, it is essential to healing your emotions completely. Shock or awful memory is all related to our feelings.

When you have a massage because you’re in pain, it is only a temporary solution because your emotions are not healed completely. That is why emotional healing is very, very important and is also very difficult to heal.


The importance of talking about your feelings

It’s important to talk about your feelings and share them with others. It’s pretty easy to say but really hard to do. When asked how we are, our typical reply would be, “Oh, I’m okay, don’t worry about me”.

Many of us are taught from a young age to bottle up our emotions and not show them because it’s like showing our weaknesses. In time, it will lead to a lot of pent-up anger, resentment, and frustration. We’re showing people we are okay because we don’t want them to feel the same.

When our emotions build up inside, it creates negative vibrations that eventually cause emotional blockages.

If you don’t share your feelings, it will attract more of that same negative feeling. If you’re unsure how to express your feelings, try talking to a therapist or counsellor. They can help you work through whatever is causing you pain. Bottling up your feelings will only make them worse in the long run. So don’t be afraid to seek help when you need it most.

It’s important to find an outlet for your emotions and to talk about how you’re feeling with someone who will understand and support you.

During our spiritual counselling at Harmony Hill Health Retreat, I read our retreatants’ emotions. Since I can read what they feel, I can quickly point it out to them. When I tell them if this is how they feel, they will always say yes; that’s how they feel.

It can be challenging to open up about your feelings, but it’s worth having someone to talk to who cares about you and wants to help you through whatever you’re going through. If you’re feeling lost or alone, reach out to a friend or family member today and talk about your feelings.

Another great solution is talking to a therapist or counsellor. Depending on your situation, they will tailor the therapies you need and what you need to do to heal fully.


The role of therapy in emotional healing

The role of therapy in emotional healing is essential. It is an advanced technique we need.

If we go to a psychologist, usually they want us to talk about our feelings and analyse them. They typically tell us to change the way we think and feel. It may sound easy, right? But many of us know that emotion is a very sensitive topic and is very frightening. We need to be careful when dealing with other people’s feelings.

We often cannot express our emotions fully, afraid to be judged if we share what we truly feel. The reading of psychologists is not accurate if we won’t say what we truly feel.

In that case, we cannot be fully healed emotionally.

Our emotions are like rabbits; if you scare them, they won’t come out.

At Harmony Hill Health Retreat, we have a different approach to emotional healing. We do it softly and gently. It starts with relaxation to lighten your emotions. Relaxation is essential to make you comfortable and easier to open up.

Every day, when we bring them healthy and delicious food in their villa, we greet them with a smile and say positive words. We ask how they’re feeling and listen to what they say. We don’t rush them to share; we just make them think they can share anything with us and don’t judge them. It’s a way to lighten the load since most people don’t have the chance to show their true feelings to people close to them.

We always ensure that they feel welcomed and loved and share our positivity with them.

All of the healings will not happen in a snap. We must be slow; we recommend you stay for at least five days in our retreat. We must take small steps at a time and not rush things to make your emotions come out of your consciousness.

Our approach combines coaching, energy healing, and counselling. Energy healing helps remove shock, pain, and other uncomfortable feelings. We also use other Ayurvedic techniques and massage therapies like shiatsu to relieve all of the body’s pain. It helps peel off the different layers of our body, like the physical and the emotional.

Chakra Healing is also used to target the spine. We release emotions through the central nervous system. The spine has a lot of reflex points that connect to all parts of the body.

An excellent example is when a person has an injury, like in the shoulder. Then the shoulder is paralysed, which means that the nerves in that part do not connect to the central nervous system anymore. Even if you are healed physically, the nerves in that part of your body are not reconnected.

How do we deal with it?

We press the points in the spine and reconnect them back to the nervous system. We reconnect the energies from all parts of the body. After reconnecting, the person will feel very relaxed. You cannot be deeply relaxed if you feel the pain.

Energy healing is like electricity; if a cord is disconnected, the electricity will not pass through. You will feel very relaxed if energy flows freely to all body parts. And that is very important for emotional healing.

emotional healing techniques

The benefits of mindfulness and meditation

Emotions affect everything. It is also very important; I believe it comes from the universe since everything that has life has feelings. Our life is not enjoyable if we stop feeling.

Emotion is like a piece of music, constantly changing. If you want to feel good, you should practice mindfulness meditation. It helps you connect to our beautiful planet and the universe. It changes our state of mind and emotional state.

During meditation, we reconnect to the universal love energy. Everything and everyone in the universe is in harmony through universal love. How can you stay angry if you feel universal love? All heavy emotions will disappear through mindfulness meditation.

So, if you don’t feel good, just go to your bedroom, sit quietly, and meditate. It will help sort out your emotions and purify your emotional energy. That is why mindfulness meditation is an essential skill for achieving emotional healing.


What works best for you

The best way to heal emotionally is to express yourself, whether that be through writing, painting, or talking to someone you trust. Massage therapies can also help in emotional healing.

Don’t bottle up your emotions, as they will only fester and cause more pain in the long run. Seek help from a therapist if you need it, and know that you are not alone in whatever you are going through.


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