Health Retreat Australia

Health Retreat Australia

Health Retreat Australia

Health Retreat Australia

Health Retreat Australia

Ami Nakamura of Harmony Hill Health Retreat

Energy Healer Ami

I was born in Japan and moved to Tasmania, Australia in 1997. As a Starseed, I follow higher-dimensional spiritual leaders. They transfer me to Tasmania from Japan. When I arrived in Tasmania, I was so amazed by the high healing energy of the place. From then I believed that Tasmania is the heart of our planet.

Practicing energy healing and herbal medicine had been my lifelong passion. Also, a high-dimensional teacher told me to develop a Health Retreat where people can stay, heal the body and mind, and activate DNA and light body. In Harmony Hill Health Retreat, all therapists are energy healers and offer the best healing services.

I also developed COSMOS-certified organic skincare and hair care products which we use in our health retreat facility.

Ami Nakamura


Detoxing @ Health Retreat Australia

Healing is peeling out layers of stress and blockages that cover our body. Think about this, our illness is a result of our lifestyle. How often do you eat or drink? Our lifestyle choices greatly affect our health.

A busy schedule and lack of energy prevent you from paying attention to healthy eating. In the end, your digestive system will be full of junk, and your body functions will be compromised.

So, it’s time to cleanse all undigested stuff into your tummy. Believe it or not, detoxing your digestive system is the fastest way to remove fat around the tummy and will also make your body fit. Cleansing your inner body will remove free radicals and inflammation.

After 5 or 6 nights of the retreat package, you will gain back your energy.

Detox Massage

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How It Works


Chat With An Expert

Ami will read your life and your family members. She will help you understand why so much stressful energy controls your life. Ami’s consulting, points out what had been causing your life troubles and understands how to clean up all from your life.

Daily 2-hour treatments

Each day, you will receive a 2-hour treatment mix composed of Ayurvedic, Moxa, Sound, and Quantum healing treatments, as well as facial treatments and body detox mud treatments, which will help you to heal and relax your mind and body. Healing physical, mental, emotional, etheric, and spiritual blockages is the aim of our treatments.

Daily meditation

Detox negative energy from your mind and body. Doing meditation every day helps you work more efficiently. As we meditate and breathe, our brains switch into a deeply relaxing and healing mode for our body and mind. Through daily meditation, we can clear our spiritual, emotional, and mental auras of all negative energy.

How (Un)Healthy Are You?