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Our Frequently Asked Questions

What retreat is good for me?

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I have been ill for a long time, will detox retreat heal my body?

Yes. Blockages cause the majority of illnesses in our organs, which prevent them from functioning normally. We will cleanse and detox your body and mind, which can help cure your condition. Cleansing and detoxing can also help to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

I have an autoimmune disease. Can detox retreat help me recover?

Yes, our all-detoxing program and our natural supplement and detox meals will cleanse the toxins in your body, and your immune system will be restored.

I have brain fog. Can stress release retreat help me?

Yes, our sound vibration healing, meditation, and detox natural supplements are all designed to cleanse negativity from your mind and release heavy negative energy.

What am I allowed to bring to the retreat?

your favorite books, writing/painting materials, sandals, bushwalking shoes, and yoga clothes.

What am I not allowed to bring to the retreat?

snacks (junk foods, chocolates), coffee, alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, painkillers

I am always stressed and have low self-confidence. Can I get better?

Yes, you will. Our counselling, daily meditation, and treatments will help you to remember WHO YOU ARE

Can I live a life of abundance?

Yes, you will. Our retreat cleanses all energy blockages and promotes positive energy flow. Positive energy attracts more positivity, and a positive energy field increases your chances of being abundant.

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