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If you seek total relaxation and deep healing for your body, emotions, and mind, we are here to support you.

It’s time for you to rest deeply and recover. Presenting your personal one-week soul healing retreat in tranquil, beautiful Tasmania. Enjoy meditation, amazing massages, vegan meals, and salt spa bathing.

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Welcome to Harmony Hill Health Retreat in Tasmania, Australia

Australia’s best wellness retreat, set in Tasmania’s beautiful natural bushland. For those seeking the ultimate in pampering and relaxation, our retreat is Australia’s premier mental health retreat.

At Harmony Hill, nestled in Tasmania’s tranquil southern mountains, you’ll receive the ultimate healing you need right now. We offer a wide variety of specialized treatments, including our unique treatment method,  “Joint Adjustment Method”, which improves your physical condition and alleviates physical ailments. In addition to this unique therapy, we specialize in energy healing, meditation, Ayurveda, herbal detox treatments, full body massages, chakra healing, detox vegan cuisine, and other traditional natural spa treatments. Our commitment is to provide special and customized experiences that meet each guest’s individual needs on a holistic wellness journey that nourishes body, mind and soul.

To ensure you receive exceptional hospitality from our friendly staff, we limit our guest count to a maximum of 3 guests each week. This commitment sets us apart as one of Australia’s leading wellness retreats.

All amenities and treatments use Harmony Harvest products, a Cosmos-certified organic spa brand. Our bodies can naturally regain their autoimmunity by healing with natural treatments.

Relax and relieve stress in your own private retreat. For the ultimate in relaxation, consider a tranquil week-long stay at a mental health retreat in Australia.

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Staying with us

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Retreat Packages

We have 5 and 6 nights retreats for relaxation, stress relief, and detoxing. The most popular retreats package which will heal you completely.

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Retreat Dates

Choose a date for your retreat getaway now. Our retreats run from Monday to Sunday.

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There are two types of accommodations available for couples and singles. Click to choose your retreat date.

Meet Our Healing Hand

At Harmony Hill Health Retreat, we are all energy healers and offer high-standard holistic and natural therapies to heal and recover your healthy balance. Our Health Retreat is on top of a mountain and is quiet and peaceful. We will be glad to have you as our guest.

Have you felt pain such as muscle or joint aches, and you go to different massage spas, a doctor, or even a nerve specialist, but nobody could fix it? Your doctor may even suggest joint part replacement like a robot.

We saw many people suffer after that kind of surgery. The western medical world could never understand our body’s energy structure. We can not cure physical pain without working with these five energetic layers of our body.

As a child, I had an accident, which left me with a sore back. Physical therapy didn’t help with the pain. My experience inspires me to develop Quantum Healing which shifts energy at a higher dimensional level.

It works by removing the negative blockages from all these five layers of energy structure, making all the pain disappears.

Whitney Jenkins of Harmony Hill Health Retreat

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Healthy Tips

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Discover the Ultimate: Best Sustainable Detox Retreat in Australia, Tasmania

Enjoy natural detox at our sustainable detox retreat nestled in the heart of Australia, Tasmania where we pride ourselves on our eco-friendly approach to wellness. Embracing a philosophy centered on environmental consciousness and your well-being, here’s what sets us apart:

Sustainable Detox Retreat with Salt Spa Bath Experience
Experience the best detox retreat offering a salt spa bath experience at our sustainable sanctuary. Our chemical-free spa harnesses the healing power of saltwater, providing a rejuvenating experience for your skin and body. Unwind and revitalize in a toxin-free environment, exclusively at our retreat.

Certified Organic Products: Our commitment extends to the products we use. Embracing Cosmos-certified spa products from Harmony Harvest organic spa products and amenities ensures that your experience remains environmentally harmonious and sustainable.

Organic Bedding: Your comfort matters. That’s why we provide certified organic cotton bed linen, offering you the utmost in comfort while staying true to our eco-friendly ethos.

At our retreat, sustainability meets luxury, and well-being harmonizes with environmental responsibility. Join us on a journey where every aspect of your stay reflects our unwavering commitment to a greener, more nurturing world.

Gentle on the Environment: Our commitment to sustainability begins with our cleaning practices. Instead of chemical detergents, we utilize a manganese washing bowl that transforms water into an alkaline state alongside bicarbonate soda. This eco-conscious method ensures a clean environment without compromising nature’s balance.

Pure Water Sources: At our retreat, you’ll exclusively encounter pure, chemical-free rainwater for all our purposes. We prioritize the use of natural, uncontaminated water to enhance your experience while reducing our ecological footprint.

Water Recycling: With our dedicated wet dam, we conscientiously recycle gray water to nurture our lush gardens. Every drop is valued, and we take proactive steps to ensure responsible water usage and conservation.

Eco House Cleaning Solutions: Embracing the power of natural tea, our cleaning procedures are free from harsh chemicals. This approach not only ensures a pristine environment but also promotes a healthy, toxin-free atmosphere for your well-being.

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Now is the time to Detox your Body, Mind, and Soul.

We have been manipulated and suffered from negativity for so long. Fear and guilt must be overcome by awareness and replaced by love and spiritual light. 

Harmony Hill Health Retreat is different from other health retreats; we deeply detox your body, mind, and soul with our energy healing retreat in 5 or 6 nights retreat packages. 

Stay with us for a week, and we will renew you completely. You will become a new person and discover WHO YOU TRULY ARE.