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Getting stressed is not good for you. It can prevent you from living a more balanced and happy life. Unfortunately, most people don’t take the necessary action to relieve stress. Having a good stress management strategy can help you relieve the pressure that’s building up in your life. If you’re having trouble controlling your stress, then it’s time to learn how to take control of it by following these 10 stress relievers that I highly recommend.



10 Stress Reliever Tips to Get Rid of Stress by Ami Nakamura, the Founder of Harmony Hill Health Retreat

Stress can lead to several problems in your life. Try these 10 expert tips to get rid of stress.


1. Switch off all noise in your mind

Who keeps you busy and stressed? When was the last time you had a restful holiday?

Like most people, you probably prevent yourself from having a restful holiday. Suppose you don’t take a break from stressful situations. In that case, it will eventually harm your physical and mental health.

Switch off all mental noise now and keep your mind calm. Whether you work at the beach or catch fish in the ocean, the important thing is that you spend time in the peaceful natural world. It will calm your mind.

If you’re feeling stressed, hit the beach and listen to the sound of the waves. Your body will start to relax. Try bushwalking if you love to hike, and you will find that your busy mind will be calm.

Don’t let yourself be stuck with work, in the house watching TV, or scrolling through social media when you’re anxious. Switch all off, go to the beach or bush, take a deep breath, and relax.


2. Meditation

It’s not as hard as you might think. Just sit in a quiet place such as a beach. Start with slow deep breaths a few times. When your mind starts to disconnect, your inner noise will tell you what you must do next.

During meditation, you focus on forgetting all the noise in your mind that causes stress. It can instill a sense of calm, peace, and harmony and benefit your emotional well-being and overall health.

Guided meditation helps your visualization and can be practiced early morning and before bed. I have done this practice for over 35 years and have become a master of meditation. Once you master how to meditate daily, you can control your emotions and live a much happier life. I offer guided meditation at Harmony Hill Health Retreat.



3. Practice Yoga or Tai Chi

Practice slow movement with controlled breathing exercises. Yoga or Tai chi is a popular stress reliever. It will have great results for physical and mental disciplines, which may allow you to achieve peacefulness of body and mind. Yoga and Tai Chi help you relax and reduce stress and anxiety.

Find local Yoga or Tai Chi classes you love and practice with them regularly.


4. Eat a healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet is an essential part of maintaining your diet. Avoid eating junk foods, processed food, and deep-fried meals. Include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet. Avoiding meat and choosing to be vegan is a good choice. Avoiding all these foods is essential to relieve stress.

Most people make it worse by drinking too much caffeine or alcohol, smoking, eating meat, processed food, and sweets. These habits can harm your health eventually. These make your body more stressed as you consume more energy to digest these foods. In the end, your body will become pale, and your liver and colon are damaged.

Healthy Diet


5. Relax more

Choose to spend your day relaxing instead of running around without focus.

Why let stress control your life? Life is short; you’re the boss of your own life. You are the one who can control your life and make it better.

Can you get your life back under your control? Yes, you can. It’s your choice between a comfortable life and a busy and stressful one. Give yourself time to relax, and don’t let others decide your happiness. When you make this decision, your mind will start to change the direction of your life.


6. Connect with friends

When you’re stressed and irritable, you may isolate yourself in your house. Don’t do that; instead, share your emotions with family and friends, and don’t make yourself feel alone. Take a short break with a friend or family, talk about your feelings, and enjoy the fresh air.

Connecting with your friends


7. Treat yourself

You are a great person and an expert in your field, and you try to do all the work, but you can’t do it all. Your mind and body are sending signals to run away from the stressful situation that you’re in right now.

Give your body and mind enough rest instead of rushing to accomplish everything you need to. Keeping the peace, preventing conflict, and completing the task seems to be the easy way out. But, it may cause internal conflict because your needs and those of your family come second.

You have done outstanding work, and now it’s time for you to heal and give yourself the rest you deserve. Don’t worry, your colleagues and friends will support you. They all wish you to be stress-free and healthy.


8. Sleep well

Stress makes your brain to be active and affects your quality of sleep. When you have too much to do, and your brain is active at night, it is hard to fall into a deep sleep.

Poor sleep quality and lack of sleep make you tired, have less energy, have difficulty concentrating, or have brain fog. If you have trouble sleeping, it costs you many resting hours in your life, and eventually, many illnesses will develop.

Stress is a big factor in the development of many diseases.


9. Find a skilled massage therapist

Massage therapies are ideal for the body and mind to relax. Find a therapy clinic that has a relaxing environment with excellent services and a pleasant and friendly professional therapist. In that case, it will help you relax. If you can not find one, try to go to a nail and hair salon; it will still make you relax since hands-on therapies are ideal for relaxation and caring for yourself.

Ayurvedic Massage


10. A week of relieving stress

You may need professional help from a highly-skilled therapist or counselor. Natural therapies will be a good way if you feel overwhelmed or trapped.

Harmony Hill Health Retreat is situated in beautiful bushland, surrounded by fresh air and away from city noise. Your mind and body will heal and relax the fastest with this setting. You can sleep deeply, and your body and mind will rest and rebalance all health conditions.



I hope that this article has helped you in some way to get rid of your stress. Remember to keep reading our articles for more tips on how to stay healthy and happy!

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