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5-Night Stress Release Retreat

5-Night Stress Release Retreat

5-Night Stress Release Retreat

5-Night Stress Release Retreat

5-Night Stress Release Retreat

The Perfect Stress Release Retreat For Your Busy Mind

If you’re struggling with stress and feel like you’re constantly running on empty, this Retreat is perfect for you. You’ll have the opportunity to unplug and unwind for 5 nights while gaining knowledge to help you manage your stress more effectively. This is your chance to finally release the weight of stress and learn how to live a more peaceful and balanced life.


Daily meditation sessions, spa treatments, counselling, and healthy vegan meals make you feel refreshed and recharged in no time. Our eco-green housekeeping will help you feel good about being gentle on the earth. And all of this is set in a luxurious villa that will make you feel at home.


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This 5-Night Stress Release Retreat is perfect for those who …

    • Wants to relax deeply
    • Wants peace and quiet
    • Wants to heal and restore energy
    • Needs privacy (We don’t take more than two clients a week)
    • Needs enough rest and sleep
    • Needs to rest their busy mind
    • Needs to recover from a stressful experience
    • Needs to fill up with more positive and happy energy

Our retreat includes the following:

    • 8 hours of spa treatments per person
    • 1 hour of spiritual counselling
    • 4 hours of guided meditation sessions
    • Healthy vegan meals to be served in your villa (no gluten, sugar, or meat)
    • Accommodation of a private two-story villa (size: 74m²)
    • Basic amenities: Spa bath in a glass atrium, living room with a tea-making cabinet, separate washroom, walk-in closet (located upstairs), room heaters, shower room, organic toiletries, bathrobe, and towels
    • Certified organic Harmony Harvest amenities
    • We use certified organic Harmony Harvest Spa products for all treatments
    • Eco green housekeeping
    • Bed Type: King-size bed or two (2) single beds
    • Private deck with outdoor setting (mountain view)
    • Complimentary Hobart airport transfers

Take pleasure in these benefits:

    • Reduced fatigue and stress
    • Improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow
    • Relieved muscle and body pains
    • Free from mental stress
    • Maintain a healthy diet and lose weight
    • Back to a healthy lifestyle
    • Deeply relaxed mind and body
    • Feel completely happy

Free-time activities you can do on your own:

    • Bushwalking
    • Meditation
    • Journaling
    • Reading Books (bring your favorite books)
    • Sauna & Spa Bathing
    • Yoga

6 Days 5 Nights Stress Release Retreat starts at 1:00 pm with the following schedule:

Mondays – Saturdays

6 Days 5 Nights Stress Release Retreat for one – $ 3,500

6 Days 5  Nights Stress Release Retreat for two – $ 6,200

6D5N-Stress Release Retreat at Harmony Hill Health Retreat - Package

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