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Healing Hands

Healing Hands

Healing Hands

Healing Hands

Healing Hands

Our Healing Hands 

At Harmony Hill Health Retreat, we are all energy healers and offer high-standard holistic and natural therapies to heal and recover your healthy balance. Our Health Retreat is on top of a mountain and is quiet and peaceful. We will be glad to have you as our guest.

Ami Nakamura of Harmony Hill Health Retreat

Ami Nakamura

I was born in Japan and moved to Tasmania, Australia in 1997. As a Starseed, I follow higher-dimensional spiritual leaders. They transfer me to Tasmania from Japan. When I arrived in Tasmania, I was so amazed by the high healing energy of the place. From then I believed that Tasmania is the heart of our planet.


What I do

  • Guided Meditation (Lead)
  • Yoga Breathing Methods
  • Yin Yoga/Tai Chi (Master)
  • Chi Energy Healing
  • Chakra Healing Meditation
  • Quantum Healing
  • Spiritual Counselling/Energy Reading

Whitney Jenkins

My name is Whitney Jenkins and for my whole life I have had a passion for helping people in any way I can which is what I believe lead me to the job I hold today, that being a remedial massage therapist and energy healer for Harmony Hill Health Retreat.

I am a passionate person and put my whole heart into the work I do which is healing the body and also the mind. I look forward to meeting each and every one of my clients and I hope to see you soon.


What I do

  • Remedial Massage
  • Chakra Healing
  • Quantum Healing
  • Organic Facial Massage
  • Moxa Treatment
  • Ayurveda Treatment
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Reflexology
Whitney Jenkins of Harmony Hill Health Retreat

Experiences With Our Healing Hands

I attended for a six-night detox. It enabled me to recharge especially where my diet was concerned. Ami was an amazing host with the vegetarian food provided absolutely delicious and very filling. Ami was very knowledgeable on herbal and plant medicinal qualities with many many years of study.

Whitney’s massages and treatments were so relaxing, everything was thoughtfully prepared, twigged and customised to my own personal needs. There are only two separate accommodation apartments (mountain and water apartments) so it’s very peaceful with undivided attention. Really enjoyed my stay there and in particular, my health and body thanks you.

Thank you so much for everything Ami & Whitney

Anne (Sep 2022 Retreat)

Dear Ami & Whiney,

A small card with BIG thanks for all you have given, shared, healed, and allowed me to experience whilst here at Harmony Hill. You have enabled respite, opened my mind, and learnings beyond my exposure thus far. Your meditation and expansive healing treatments, along with the delicious food have been so very appreciated. My very best to you both, along with your families and friends…. good karma is ahead always when you are such giving people.

Sincere Regards

Kristina (Jul 2022 Retreat)

Dear Ami & Whitney,

Thank you so much for making me feel welcomed and for giving me the relaxation, rest, and amazing healthy food I needed to reset.

Ami – thanks for sharing your teachings and gift with me. I can’t wait to read your book!

Whitney – You are so talented with your healings and such a lovely person.

I will be back!

Jessica (Jul 2022 Retreat)

What a wonderful forest setting for a beautiful experience. The staff were lovely and friendly. Thank you for letting us experience your lovely facilities.

Whitney’s massage is the best massage that I ever had.

Beth (Feb 2022 Couple Getaway)

I recently spent 4 days at this Retreat. What can I say from the moment I arrived felt welcomed by Ami. Accommodation was clean & beyond my expectations. Food was unbelievable, very Yummy & nourishing. Spa Treatments were Amazing. Left feeling very rejuvenated & relaxed. Thanks, Ammi for making my stay awesome. I will definitely be back .????

Cheryl (July 2021 Retreat)

When I came I feel really tired and stressed after a busy year. Their focus on me was amazing to get me feeling better. Ami seems to get to the knots and bolts of what I needed and what would help me to get better. The therapies and massages are really amazing, I feel like a hundred percent better than when I came. The hard part is gonna be maintaining it. I’ve been to a couple of retreats before but they are not as focused on the individual. Here I feel I got more individual treatment and what worked for me.

Grace (Mar 2021 Retreat)

Fantastic place to reconnect with yourself and heal. I loved my stay here. Both Ami and Dr. Laya were amazing – very nurturing and knowledgeable and made sure I was comfortable. This retreat addresses your whole being.

aul (Feb 2021 Retreat)

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