One of the staple concerns of today’s generation is losing weight effectively. While we think how strenuous workouts can trim down fats, we did not quite figure out the exhaustion it builds up would only make us crave for unnecessary food consumption. And perhaps the idea of it even adds up to your stress. When you’re stressed, the rest of the negative energies pile-up resulting in anxiety, depression, and compromising relationships with the people around you.

Working out or sweating out is good. However, if you’re not getting any good results then switching to the traditional way through a detox retreat in Australia might ease out your fitness and psychological dilemmas.

The organic way to rejuvenate and tone down is possible through natural healing. A 6-day detox program Ayurveda Pankacharma in Australia will restore your well-being and remove blockages that are delaying you to lose pounds.

Ayurveda Detox Treatment– A detox retreat in Australia you need to try!

First things first, let’s get acquainted with the terms that are perhaps new and different to you. Ayurveda comes from the Sanskrit word Ayur which means life or longevity. Veda, on the other hand, connotes knowledge or science. Ayurveda is the traditional healing method from India that deals with body longevity, organic therapy on diets and yoga sessions for a complete revitalization.

The blissful atmosphere of Harmony Hill Health Retreat makes a show of exceptional Ayurvedic treatments in the locality of Hobart, Australia. These organic detox treatment remedies on society’s common mental and physical setbacks.

Experience 6-day detox program Ayurveda Pankacharma in Australia


Panchakarma is a form of Ayurvedic healing for complete detoxification of the mind and body. Its Sanskrit word means “five actions” or “five treatments”.

The Panchakarma method is majorly practiced in natural healing since then. This process washes off the toxic wastes from your body. This includes harmful disease residues and environmental contaminants you acquired from inadequate diets.

Our body normally possesses the capability to effectively process and omit the toxic substances that cause blockages on our body’s normal flow. This includes the blemished doshas. Though, this capability is abused due to a person’s improper diets, conflicting exercise patterns, daily routine, and congenital propensity, the digestive and metabolic compounds, and Agnis which is said to be responsible for the modulation of the body’s internal dynamic constancy that gets disorganized.

This internal crisis can result in the build-up and spread of bodily wastes that can develop into infections or serious body conditions we are trying to escape from. In Ayurvedic term, this toxic substance is considered as Ama. It is an undigested and damaging contaminant that requires to be eliminated from your body.

To neutralize this unwanted matter, Panchakarma comes into play to eradicate the excess doshas and rectify disproportions in them. Its process also washes out the intoxicating ama out of your body through your organs and canals of eradication such as colon, sweat glands, lungs, bladder, urinary tract, stomach, intestines, etc. The method of Panchakarma cleanses your internal tissues more thoroughly.

Detox retreat in Australia introduces you to a more efficient way of knowing how detoxification works naturally. This involves knowing your Doshas, which in Ayurvedic medicinal term is one of the three vital energies that define your mental and physical processes granting you individual blueprints. Doshas are adapted from the Earth’s five elements and their individual dynamics. Vata comprises Space and Air, Pitta reflects on Fire and Water, Kapha on the other hand acts on both Water and Earth.

Recognize the complete benefits of Panchakarma

    • It terminates body wastes and contaminating conditions coming from both body and mind.
    • It rehabilitates your genetic balance improving your entire well-being.
    • It builds a strong foundation of immunity to be impenetrable on any potential to infections or unwanted body conditions.
    • It converses the adverse implications of pressure rooting from both body and mind, thus decelerating the aging process.
    • It boosts one’s self-sufficiency, vigor, and calm demeanor.
    • It helps your mind to rest and recharge profoundly.

Pankacharma treatments include the following stages of therapy:

    • Purva karma (Pre-operative procedure)
    • Pradhan karma (Main procedure) 
    • Paschat karma (Post-operative care). 

 1. Purvakarmas (Pre-operative procedures) (Day 1-4)

Purvakarmas provides preliminary procedures to soften our tissues, which includes liquifying hard and fat-soluble toxins that are deposited into our tissues. It will flow back into the digestive area from where these wastes will be released once it’s liquified. Purvakarma treatments comes first before the Panchakarma treatments. These treatments are conducted to prepare you mentally and physically for the main procedure. 

This includes three procedures that are important to be performed in your preparatory detox treatments:

    • Pachan karma– To enhance absorption through digestive herbs and fasting. This is for better digestion of Ghee, which is a catalytic agent provided to liquefy fat-soluble wastes.
    • Snehan karma– Medicated Ghee will be provided with increased dosage to liquefy the fat-soluble wastes deposited in your deep tissues.
    • Swedan karmaSwedan means ‘steaming’ which means a full body steam bath will be granted to absorb body heat and liquefy toxins. This directs the flow from the tissues to the digestive area. 

 Day 1: Regular Abhyanga

Abhyanga is the traditional and synchronized full-body oil massage performed by two Ayurvedic therapists using a warm herbal oil for all body types. This treatment focuses on a range of Ayurvedic techniques that work with the body’s energy routes to help restore the flow of vital energy (Prana). This also nourishes and stimulates internal organs and removes metabolic wastes from your body.

 Day 2: Ayurvedic consultation (Morning)

This will be a one-hour consultation with a doctor including pulse diagnosis, structure analysis, and oral intake of ghee or commonly known as Snehapanam. This procedure gives relaxation to certain ailments.

 Day 2: Abhyanga & Swedana (Afternoon)

The afternoon session will be an Abhyanga massage with a specific oil to be used. This relaxing massage will be tagged along with a steam therapy called Swedana which is also a detoxifying procedure of Pankacharma to induce sweat and detach toxins from tissues.

 Day 3: Snehapanam & Shirodhara (Morning)

Another session of Snehapanam or oral intake of ghee will take place in the morning. Shirodhara therapy will also be performed. This therapy is the pouring of warm oil steadily over your head that brings a surprising sense of tranquility, an immense feeling of relaxation, and a composed stillness of the mind.

This therapy is perfect to treat headaches, extreme migraines, insomnia, hypertension, stress, and nervous disorders. Shirodhara is based on the principle of invigorating the mind and bringing oneness in the body.

Massage Theraphy

 Day 3: Marma massage (Afternoon)

Marma therapy attaches the energies in the marma points for constant healing. Simply, Marma Therapy influences the subtle energy of Marma points to relieve stiff muscles and boost blood circulation.

This therapy has an immediate healing and relaxing effect on the body when used as a treatment for others or as a self-treatment. Marma therapy involves subtle, and sometimes a more profound touch on marma points that can bring about immense healing and rejuvenation.

 Day 4: Marma massage (Morning)

Apart from the rejuvenating Marma massage, an oral ghee intake or Snehapanam will still be performed on the fourth day. This will be executed along with a bundle massage or Elakizhi that will be patted and rubbed over the whole back, arms, and legs.

Elakizhi’s benefit includes improving your blood circulation and skin complexion, increasing stamina, relieving body strains and stiffness, rejuvenates and slows down the aging process.

This Panchakarma therapy is a highly rejuvenating herbal procedure for treating Vata. Medicinal leaves are collected and cut into bits, fried with several herbal ingredients relevant to your dosha, and tied in a linen cloth into two boluses. The boluses are dipped into a warm medicated oil in a heated pan until it’ll turn a light brown color. It will then be patted rhythmically all over the body.

 Day 4: Chakra healing (Afternoon)

An afternoon session of Chakra healing will take place to renew your soul and reach the ultimate pure healing energy.

 2. Pradana-karma(Main procedure)

This is the most essential step in treating body conditions and to remove the toxins which are liquefied by the preparatory treatments. Due to the regulations of the country, we’ll only be performing two Panchakarma treatments on the fifth day.

 Virechanam (Therapeutic Purgation or Diarrhea)

Virechanam is one of the main Panchakarma procedures that completely cleanses the body and removes toxins from the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and gall bladder.

Virechanam is done by oral administration through laxative herbs after the preparation of the individual through Purvakarmas for about 4-5 days. This treatment is also very effective in treating skin diseases, acne, hyperacidity, high blood pressure, dermatitis, and even psychological problems.


Nasya is the medicinal administration through the nasal route. This treatment will cleanse and strengthen the nasal passages, allowing ease of your breathing. This remedies headache, bronchial asthma, sinusitis, allergies, migraine, facial paralysis, neuralgia, earache, and even facial imperfections such as dark circles, etc. If you’re suffering from any of these then Nasya suits best to treat your physical and mental discomforts.

 3. Paschat Karma(Post-Operative Care)

Paschat Karma means aftercare or after measures. This contains the full healing process, dietary regimens, and restricted bodily exertion to gain the full benefit of Pankacharma. It includes certain rejuvenating treatments and Rasayan Adi Prayogam or commonly known as the Rasayan therapy, lifestyle management, diet management, intake of herbal supplements, etc. This also includes the following procedures: Sansarjan Karma which is the food therapy after detox, and Shaman Chikitsa or the Pacification Therapy with herbs and lifestyle management to continue administering what your body needs after the intense purification.

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