Boost your body’s immunity from diseases and any form of sickness through organic and herbal medicine. Learn the Ayurvedic way!

The Ayurvedic treatment is a holistic way of treating your mind, body, and soul to equalize its condition. One of the benefits of Ayurveda in its natural way of eliminating toxic substances that blocks the normal flow and balance of your body.

Did you know Ayurveda also helps layers of your skin through exfoliation of dead skin cells? It moves lymphatic fluids and calms your muscle strains. This process helps your doshic elements and diminish ama or commonly known as toxic matters.

Harmony Hill Health Retreat is a retreat facility dedicated to restoring your well-being through the natural way of healing. The facility is equipped with doctors specializing in Ayurvedic healing through a canopy of organic therapies that may vary according to your physical condition, goals and doshic imbalance.

While there are three to six treatments suggested for complete body detoxification, there are also stand-alone therapies that can be as efficient as the other services. Achieve a one-hour renewing session through Shirodhara!

Shirodhara is derived from the Sanskrit term of Shiro which means head and Dhara which means flow. It is a form of treatment where warm organic oil is securely poured onto your forehead. The herbal oil is primarily dripped through your doshic patterns starting from the right to the left temple.

The stream will then be switched to the middle of the forehead after a few minutes, allowing it to stream constantly in the entire 30 minutes duration. This is a soothing method to relax the body before you settle for a comforting sleep. Immerse yourself with Harmony Hill Spa Health Retreat’s infrared sauna and wake up on a fresh new morning, slowly releasing the mental distresses off of you.

Before the entire Shirodhara procedure, a full-body Srota or Abhyangha massage will be applied to promote proper circulation and for the nerve system healing. Find out the benefits you didn’t know about Shirodhara and take a step through a complete body renewal.

The benefits of Ayurveda and Shirodhara in a Detox Retreat- Australia

The Relaxation Response

It neutralizes the effects of stress 

Ever wonder how to naturally relax your mind and body more effectively?

Part of Shirodhara’s strength is to tone down the stress level your mind and body is enduring. Its treatment generates a sense of calmness, promotes your relaxed state, free from any form of distress. The process of pouring the oil is termed as the relaxation response.

This is a normal process when your body is at the state of relaxation, your stress hormones minimize while the hyper-alert brain currents or commonly known as the beta waves shifts into the relaxed-alert current or the alpha waves.

With Shirodhara’s ability to neutralize the effects of stress, it shrinks the respiration rate, contracts diastolic blood pressure, and slows your heart rate. Toning down the adverse effect of stress is an important means to achieve longevity of life. Indulging yourself with a single hour Shirodhara session can potentially initiate an impacting relaxation response the moderates the effects of stress. It could last for hours, or even days.

    • It lessens your anxiety and depression- benefits of Ayurveda

As it may be beneficial for your internal processes, it can also benefit your emotional functions at the same time. As the brainwaves manifest its coordination with the external stimuli, its continuous stimulation and pouring in the middle of the forehead is the potential tool where Shirodhara gradually lessens your anxiety and depression.

The benefits of Ayurveda in Shirodhara include the activation of an impacting Ayurvedic energy point termed as ajna marma. In Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, activating the point between eyebrows is responsible for discharging your anxiety, distress, or even depression without having to endure the fear or pain of needles.

If you’re suffering from anxiety and your anxiety medication is not making any change, time to go the natural way. Experience a single hour of the Shirodhara session and see how it guarantees you an absolute inner transformation.

    • It revives your instinct

In the derivation of spiritual traditions, the point or area between your eyebrows is known as the third eye. It is also considered as the seat of spiritual awakening or your sixth chakra– home of intuition. This heavenly eye manifests the ability to reach or access more likely the surreal dimension.

When you’re third eye opens, the life force or prana circulates freely throughout the srotas. Srotas are energy vessels that are cleaned. Emotional blockages get flushed out through these valuable vessels. Resulting you to be free from any sorts of emotional discomforts and opens you to a far-reaching awareness.

This form of emotional clarity has helped most of Harmony Hill’s guests to move through from mental discomforts and pain they were going through. This includes grudges or resentments from the past. If you check out with the guests’ testimonials, it’s pretty much evident in their inward and outward transformation how the benefits of Ayurveda, particularly the Shirodhara session has helped them recover from personal miseries to fulfillments.

These testimonials include spiritual awareness and understanding with the sphere of life. It also made a way for them to establish their higher selves.

    • It develops your sleeping pattern

Sleep paralysis, insomnia, oversleeping, and other abnormal sleeping patterns can result from stress and anxiety or vice versa. Sometimes a spoonful of sugar or cups of caffeine just doesn’t cut it. You still feel the same amount of drowsiness even when you’ve had enough sleep. So how do you get rid of these?

Ayurvedic medicine is looked up as one of the best exponents in combatting this common dilemma. The Shirodhara treatment particularly minimizes your brain waves to a more relaxed alpha state. Thus, resulting in a better flow of sleeping hormones for you to doze off comfortably without the mind and internal distractions.

    • It soothes your Vata Dosha

If you happen to familiarize your doshas and its principalities in our body, it will be easier for you to connect the dots in reaching the optimal condition. For a brief introduction about Vata Dosha, it is a combination of the elemental force of air and space.

The feeling of physical restlessness, forgetfulness, attracting negativity, and you often have disorganized thoughts, normally happens when Vata absorbs in your constitution. Shirodhara is widely known for its effectiveness in relaxing excessive Vata that are responsible for unwanted emotions. And it is through the steady stream of oil being poured that balances the shifting nature of the Vata dosha.

Benefits of Ayurveda

If you’re looking to get away from the external world for a while then a Shirodhara session would be perfect for you. Get a total package of natural rejuvenation that’s worth every cent when you sign up with Harmony Hill Health Retreat’s services.

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