Do you sometimes feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Like, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get ahead? If you’re looking for a way to jump-start your life and get on the path to success, energy healing may be for you.


 What is Energy Healing

Everything is made up of energy. Energy is present in everything we see and experience. The objects you see, the situations you are in, and even how you look are because of energy.

It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Some people say chicken and some say egg, for me it’s the chicken. Think about the egg as energy; if the chicken has negative energy, the egg from that chicken will carry that same kind of energy.

The kind of energy you hold will directly impact your life. If you exude positive energy, you will likely attract positive experiences and people into your life. Otherwise, you can expect negative circumstances to be drawn to you if you put out negative energy. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the type of energy you are putting out into the world, as it will ultimately come back to you. So we have to fix the chicken first to make good energy.

To heal someone, we must first fix their energies. The healing process for different diseases can be pretty varied, but for me, it all comes down to fixing energy. Now, of course, various diseases require different approaches when it comes to treatment. But if we view the body as a complex energy system, it stands to reason that diseases are imbalances in that energy. In my perspective, if we have a disease, our energy is not quite good; it’s as simple as that.

If everybody’s energy floats naturally and is very centering, it’s like a tree with good energy; it will grow healthily.

If the person suffers any pain, like shoulder pain, chest pain, back pain, or headache, we should work with his energies. Although we do a lot of massage and other things, healing is never complete if the negative blockage from their energy field isn’t fixed.

Many people are asking what energy healing is and how it works. Some may find it strange, but it’s not. Energy healing works much better than western medicine, taking drugs, or having surgery, simply because everything is made up of energy.

 What are the Benefits of Energy Healing

One way to explain energy healing is to liken energy to electricity and our body to a mechanical system. For example, if we have shoulder pain, like our shoulders are stuck, massaging that part makes us feel good, but after a day or so, the pain returns. Do you know why?

Another example is when a person has a car accident, it’s not only the car that hits the person that happens. That person has a strong attraction to negativity. It is like that person is inviting the car accident. The things that happen to us – both good and bad – result from our actions.

Negative energy is often associated with feelings of negativity, anger, and despair. When we vibrate at a lower frequency, we are more likely to attract unfavorable circumstances into our lives. It is because our thoughts and emotions create our reality. To live a life free from accidents, we must focus on raising our vibration by cultivating positive thoughts and feelings.

Do you long for a healthy relationship but have never found the right person? In that case, love is blocked, and you never understand what love exactly is and cannot receive love energy. What happens is that the heart’s energy is blocked. How can that person open up and make a good relationship when it’s blocked?

They cannot receive love from others because their love energy is blocked. Even if that person meets many potential partners, they will never experience a good relationship. It’s also the same case with friendship. It is because the heart chakra is blocked.

It is very important to open your heart chakra to be in a healthy and happy relationship, whether with a partner or a friend. The heart chakra energy will cleanse the negativity.

If a person is anxious or stressed, that person holds so much negative energy in his mind. We can cleanse all the heavy energy that blocks our heads. If we hold on to heavy negative energy, it will lead to stress, difficulty sleeping, and can’t relax. It can also lead to diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Everything that happens to our nervous system and our immunity and all kinds of diseases are caused by energy blockage. That’s why it is vital to fix our energy blockage.

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 Energy Healing Will Be the Future of Medical Care

There is no doubt that energy healing will soon become the standard of medical care. It will replace mainstream western medicine. It is getting popular, and many people who have tried it have found it highly effective in treating physical and emotional ailments.

Drugs only cure the symptoms but never the cause. We know that energy blockages cause diseases, and medications cannot remove those blockages. It is not powerful enough to cure the disease. It only serves as a pain killer so that you will never feel the pain, but it never fixes the cause of the pain.

On the other hand, surgery is also the same because our body needs to be complete; removing a part of it is an awful solution. Like in cancer, some people opt to undergo surgery to remove the cancer cells to cure it but unfortunately, it is not the case. We can cure cancer by ourselves. We can heal ourselves if our energy is flowing freely without blockage. Many people don’t know that, but it is the truth.

I view cancer cells as “grumpy’ energy. What energy healing will do is talk or negotiate that grumpy energy to leave the body. The body will be back to its normal functions after that, which is how energy healing works. For me, that is very easy to do, and I constantly been doing it for a while now, and many people are amazed by the result.

At Harmony Hill Health Retreat, we do energy healing, counselling, and many other things for a week. I also helped many cancer patients, and they felt better afterward. After removing bad energy, their bodies start to cure themselves naturally. From my experience, it would not take more than two weeks for cancer to be healed.

One person felt so happy and went to the doctor for a check-up, and the doctor was surprised that the cancer was cured.

Western doctors look at the symptoms or the result while we, as energy healers, look at what is causing it, what was blocked. We don’t care about the symptoms, may it be cancer or arthritis. The symptoms don’t matter since anything that makes us sick or causes sickness is caused by negative energy or blockages.

With energy healing, we can be cured completely. It is a safe, natural, and non-invasive way to heal the body, and more and more people are beginning to realize its potential.

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