When you travel around beautiful Tasmania, do you know what to do in Hobart? Why not start from Devonport and arrive at Hobart or fly to Hobart airport and go around the town?

Holiday Get-Away

Make the most of your holiday get-away plans to Hobart, Australia! Filled with wonderfully active ideas to do over your trip, it’s always a good idea to unwind from the modern life stress we’ve been through during the entire week.

Allow us to suggest a few good ideas for your trip to Hobart!

Here is an itinerary of things to do in Hobart if you want to discover a new environment! First off on your itinerary for your plan to Tasmania: Try to connect with nature!

What To Do In Hobart

Beachcombing on the East Coast

A walk on the beach with the person you love is therapeutic and the best you can give to yourself after a long, stressful week. It’s one of the many peaceful experiences in what to do in Hobart.

A fulfilling beach-combing experience on the East Coast where you will walk in a protected coastline with a guide for several nights will become the best opportunity to learn about the aboriginal heritage of the area.

Connect With Nature

Going outdoors for bush work to connect with nature as you visit Hobart is always a good idea! You can also get a hot stone massage with a hot stone bath, perfect for the winter!

Other things to do in Hobart? 

If you’re currently experiencing aching muscles from sitting too long at work after a long and stressful week, maybe it’s time to unwind and relax!

Maybe walking in the coastal lines or swimming on the beach isn’t enough to destress. Perhaps you’re suffering from a sports injury and need professional treatment? The Massage Centre, based in Hobart, offers a wide range of massage therapy, to effectively treat muscular and skeletal pain and injury.

A detox session at the best day spa in Hobart is highly recommended if you feel stressed out. Make sure to book a day spa package in the best day spa in Hobart, just so you have a promising spa session where you can deeply relax. Relaxation is also one of the many things on what to do in Hobart.

Best Day Spa Packages In Hobart

You can experience how to detox your body in Hobart while on a holiday in the best detox health retreat in Australia!

We use the best Aromatherapy massage oil for this treatment to take you to a deep, relaxing state. Our world-class therapist customizes each massage to meet every individual’s unique needs. Indulge in one of our best treatments you’ve never had, before!


What To Do In Hobart’s Best Day Spa

Luxury Couple Get-Away

Luxury couple get away


A luxury couple get-away is one of the best packages that we highly recommend! You can bring your loved one with you away from the noise to our private pavilion. This includes the spa’s best massage services, infrared saunas, and spa baths.

This experience begins with a hot stone massage by applying hot stones to the back area of the body, tracing your spinal column. It is a therapeutic massage that begins from the neck down to the spine and is performed by our world-class, in-house therapist.

The luxury couple get-away day spa package” is a day spa package that runs for 3hr30mins. This is quite suitable for people who are deeply stressed. Maybe you would like to bring your partner to one of the enjoyable activities on what to do in Hobart.


More About The Best Day Spa Package


The luxury couple get-away day spa package allows you to spend the entire day for deep relaxation. You can enjoy the morning hours of rest after our treatments, or start the treatments after your lunch session to enjoy relaxing spa treatments in the afternoon.

This beautiful day spa package goes for over three and a half hours. It ends with a beautiful spa bath. All of which take place in a private couple pavilion.


About The Location

Things to do in Hobart


You will be amazed to see our location when you make your arrival at this peaceful spa retreat! There are no car sounds like you hear from the city, and this will allow you to feel like you’ve arrived in the countryside of the state.  Harmony Hill Spa Retreat owns 42 acres of natural bushland. The vicinity is just a 30-minute drive from Hobart.

The spa promises the best services in Hobart. These services will allow you to feel deeply relaxed after a long work week. Most of the time, we see this as a high demand during the holidays.

Harmony Hill Spa Health Retreat upholds its status as the best day spa with its high-quality, natural products. The best day spa product line involves in-house organic skincare products that are also being used in the spa packages.

If you seek an anti-stress package, a chakra healing experience day spa package releases stress from the mind.

Learn more about us, below!


Harmony Hill Health Retreat

We are a friendly, locally owned spa, conveniently located for clients just a 30-minute drive from Hobart. As a luxurious health retreat spa clinic in Tasmania, we have been treating clients with our natural methods.

There are packages that best serve the person’s needs on every visit!

This spa retreat has limited accommodation due to demands, so you must make a reservation a few weeks before your visit. Book your first spa session with us, here!

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