Welcome to Your Serene Escape at Harmony Hill in Tasmania

Are you overwhelmed by endless deadlines, relentless career demands, and the struggle to maintain work-life balance? Are sleepless nights becoming a routine as you try to keep up with everything? Perhaps you sense that achieving greater wellness might require letting go of certain stressors or commitments. If these challenges resonate with you, it’s time for a transformative escape.

Nestled in the beautiful, quiet countryside of Margate, Tasmania, Harmony Hill Health Retreat offers a much-needed sanctuary. Just a short drive from Hobart, this retreat provides an idyllic setting where the sounds of bustling city life are replaced by the gentle rustling of leaves and the melodious chirping of birds. Here, you can unwind and reconnect with yourself in peace, setting the stage for significant life changes.


Discover What Sets Harmony Hill Health Retreat Apart

What makes Harmony Hill Health Retreat unique? It’s our commitment to your complete relaxation and healing. Our all-inclusive approach means everything from nourishing vegan meals to personalized therapeutic sessions and calming meditations are part of your package, with no hidden costs. Here, you are free to focus solely on your relaxation and healing, without any distractions.

A Real Story from Our Guest


A Real Story from Our Guest

“Absolutely perfect! Amazing secluded spot to relax, be amongst nature, hear nothing but the wind and the birds and completely switch off. The massages have been the best I’ve ever had, the spa room is incredible and I spent more time in there than I did my own room! Relaxing in the heated spa bath and looking out through the glass atrium was so cathartic and I never got tired of my many sessions in the infrared sauna. My bed and linen sheets were super comfy, room was super cute and private and everything being done for me from housekeeping to preparation of all my meals to creating my daily schedule meant that I could really unwind and truly relax. I was also lucky enough to share my experience with another solo guest for the duration of my stay, a very similar and like minded person to myself and someone who I would now consider a friend and who I am happy I was able to share my experience at Harmony Hill with. I would recommend this place to anyone!” – Mish

Harmony Hill Health Retreat - Guest Review


Personalized Retreat Options to Suit Every Need

Whether you are seeking to escape from relentless stress or need to address specific health concerns like sleep deprivation or chronic pain, Harmony Hill Health Retreat has a retreat to fit your needs. Choose from our tailored options:

      • 5-night Stress Release Retreat: Designed specifically for high-achievers who need to pause and rejuvenate. This retreat allows you to unwind, disconnect, and refocus.
      • 6-night Detox Retreat: Ideal for those looking to alleviate symptoms of burnout, detoxify their body, and embrace a new sense of well-being.

We limit the number of guests in each session to ensure that everyone receives personalized attention and enjoys ultimate privacy and peace.

Healing Without the Hustle


Healing Without the Hustle

At Harmony Hill Health Retreat, we understand that the essence of true healing is relaxation. Our accommodations are designed to ensure that you can find deep, restorative sleep. Rooms offer stunning views of the surrounding greenery, and each detail, from the organic cotton linens to the premium quality mattresses, is chosen to promote relaxation. We organize your stay to ensure personal space and time, eliminating the need for group activities.


Tailored Solutions to Address Your Unique Stressors

Harmony Hill Health Retreat provides a bespoke approach to dealing with stress, recognizing that each guest has their own unique challenges:

      • Restorative Sleep: Our tranquil environment, devoid of city noises, promotes uninterrupted, deep sleep. This not only rejuvenates your body but also sharpens your mind, making you more effective upon your return to daily life.
      • Relieving Stress and Burnout: We offer a variety of massages and body detox treatments that not only relieve physical tension but also provide mental and emotional relief. This holistic approach helps you recharge completely, ready to tackle life with renewed vigor.
      • Finding Balance in Life: For many professionals, maintaining a work-life balance is challenging. Our retreat offers you the space to reflect on what truly matters, enabling you to prioritize self-care and rediscover hobbies or passions that bring joy.
      • Easing Chronic Pain and Discomfort: Customized therapeutic massages focus on areas of discomfort, employing techniques that reduce pain, decrease inflammation, and enhance mobility. Our detox programs complement these treatments by helping to purge toxins from your body, further alleviating discomfort and boosting health.
      • Clearing Mental Fog for Better Focus: Mental clarity is crucial for decision-making and creativity. Our retreat’s calming meditation practices and spiritual counseling sessions are designed to clear your mind of stress and clutter, fostering renewed mental clarity and improved cognitive functions.
      • No Additional Charges: At Harmony Hill Health Retreat, the price you see at booking is the final amount you pay. All massages, spa treatments, and vegan meals are included, so you can fully relax without worrying about extra costs.

Another Happy Guest Shares Their Experience


Another Happy Guest Shares Their Experience

“The 6-night detox was the reset I needed. The location, comfortable & secure accommodation, salt spa, and infrared sauna, morning yoga/meditation, Whitney’s incredible massage and healing talent, and Jacob’s delicious, lovingly prepared food helped to lead me back onto my path to wellness. Ami was very generous with her input and replies to my many questions, and she and the team created a safe, healing environment where I was able to get back into my body. The beauty of Harmony Hill is the bushland, which comes with wildlife, whether that’s the super-cute pademelons and gentle bumblebees, or ants and bush critters. This is not a clinical, sterile environment; it has life amid the beauty of the Tasmanian bush. If you’re good with outdoor nature, then this is the place for you. It certainly was healing for me.” – Noel Jorgensen


Your Path to True Wellness Begins at Harmony Hill Health Retreat

If you’re eager to enhance your health and bring more ease and joy into your life, then it’s time to take action. What’s holding you back? Often, achieving your goals requires letting go of something or someone. Embracing a lifestyle change that enhances your well-being in lasting ways means more than just a temporary retreat from stress—it’s about making a significant shift in how you approach self-care and wellness.

Join us at Harmony Hill Health Retreat to revitalize your week and life. Here, you will find the perfect blend of relaxation and rejuvenation, ensuring that you return to your daily routine not just refreshed, but profoundly transformed. Rediscover your energy and joy amidst the serene beauty of Tasmania’s natural landscapes.

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