In our modern, fast-paced lives, we are often disconnected from the natural world and its healing properties. However, at Harmony Hill Health Retreat, nestled in the serene Southern mountains of Tasmania, we recognise the profound impact that nature has on our well-being. We offer a sanctuary where guests can reconnect with nature and experience the healing power of the natural world.


The Healing Power of Nature

Nature has long been recognised as a source of solace and healing. When we immerse ourselves in natural surroundings, we connect with the natural world and experience a sense of grounding and rejuvenation. Nature’s sights, sounds, and smells can help lower stress levels, reduce blood pressure, boost immunity, and improve overall well-being.


Connecting with the Earth’s Energy

At Harmony Hill Health Retreat, we encourage our guests to embrace the healing power of nature and connect deeply with the Earth’s energy. Through various activities and experiences, we guide individuals on a journey of self-discovery and help them tap into the profound energy surrounding us.

Whether it’s taking mindful walks through the surrounding bushland, practicing yoga amidst the beauty of nature, or spa bathing in the villa where they can see the beautiful surroundings outside, these moments of connection allow us to realign our energies and find inner harmony.


Reconnecting with the Rhythms of Nature

In our modern lives, we often find ourselves disconnected from the natural rhythms of the Earth. The constant demands of work, technology, and societal pressures can disrupt our internal balance.

At Harmony Hill Health Retreat, we provide the space and guidance for guests to reconnect with these rhythms. By waking up with the rising sun, engaging in daily meditation or breathwork, and embracing the ebb and flow of nature, we align ourselves with the cyclical patterns of the Earth. This reconnection fosters a sense of peace, deepens our understanding of ourselves, and allows us to tap into the profound wisdom that nature holds.

Forest Bathing


Forest Bathing: Immersion in Healing Green Spaces

One powerful way to connect with the Earth’s energy is through forest bathing, also known as shinrin-yoku. Originating in Japan, this practice involves immersing oneself in the healing green spaces of a forest and mindfully engaging with the sights, sounds, and smells of the natural environment. Forest bathing has been scientifically proven to lower stress levels, reduce blood pressure, boost immunity, and improve overall well-being.

At Harmony Hill Health Retreat, we encourage our guests to do bushwalking in our surrounding bushlands, allowing them to fully embrace the therapeutic benefits of immersing themselves in the serene beauty of the surrounding forests.


Nature as a Source of Inspiration and Creativity

Beyond its healing properties, nature also serves as a source of inspiration and creativity. The vastness of the sky, the intricate patterns of a flower, and the symphony of sounds in a forest can ignite our imagination and unlock our creative potential.

At Harmony Hill Health Retreat, we encourage our guests to engage in creative activities such as journaling, painting, or simply finding a quiet spot to reflect and allow their creative energies to flow. This connection with nature not only fosters personal growth but also encourages a deeper appreciation and respect for the Earth’s wonders.


Testimonials from our Guests:

At Harmony Hill Health Retreat, we take immense pride in providing a transformative and healing experience for our guests. Our commitment to creating a safe and nurturing space has resonated deeply with those who have embarked on their wellness journey with us.

Here are just a few testimonials from our valued guests who have shared their heartfelt experiences:

Testimonials from our Guests

Bradley Lovering:
“Ami and her team go above and beyond to provide a safe, healing space. The accommodation is incredible, the highlight being the spa! The food is prepared lovingly and is plentiful. The treatments are a highlight, with a skilled practitioner delivering personalized therapies, each building on the last. Leaving feeling clearer, lighter, and ready to continue healthy habits.”


Bonnie Francis:
“Absolutely beautiful retreat, Ami, and her staff went above and beyond to help me. Ami is a true healer. I can’t thank her enough. The food was tasty and really gave me a full-body detox. My depression has lifted off my shoulders, I feel lighter, I feel refreshed, I’m feeling so much more positive. I haven’t been feeling anxious. I highly recommend a stay at Harmony Hill if you are suffering from stress, trauma, experiencing a burnout, need to detox, or simply need time out to relax and rejuvenate. You will not regret staying at this high vibration retreat. You will feel like a new person upon leaving. Thank you Ami, thank you Whitney. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Roslyn Ahtee:
“I stayed for a 5-day detox and absolutely loved the experience. I arrived with a lot of pain in my back and limited movement due to a slipped disc among other problems. Ami and Whitney provided much relief, increasing my movement significantly with much-reduced pain. I am so grateful to them both. The daily infrared sauna also helped. This is a place to come to if you want time to yourself, pampering, wholesome food, space to relax and be. An experience I will treasure.”


Joanna Sacharz:
“I spent three days at Harmony Hill and loved it so much. Ami was such a great host, and together with Whitney, who performed incredible treatments, made my retreat so relaxing and invigorating. The location of the retreat is a treat to your mind: the forest, clean air, and creatures all around are truly magical. Vegan food was delicious, and the portions were very generous. I was full yet felt light all the time. I value the owner’s dedication towards natural living, reflected in everything we were served and treated. Even all her house cleaning products, not just food, are organic. They clean their place in a very environmentally friendly manner (effective but without harsh chemicals). I felt like my senses of smell and taste reset. Thank you for hosting me, and I wish to visit you again!”


Heal and Restore at Harmony Hill Health Retreat

Rediscover the profound connection between humans and nature at Harmony Hill Health Retreat. Embrace the healing power of nature and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, restoration, and holistic well-being. Immerse yourself in the healing green spaces of our retreat and allow the Earth’s energy to rejuvenate your soul.

Visit our website or contact us today to secure your place and start your transformative journey toward renewed well-being and balance. Nature awaits, and the transformative journey begins at Harmony Hill Health Retreat.

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