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Emotional Healing: Holistic Practices That Work

What are holistic practices of emotional healing?

Emotional stress is a silent but powerful force that can wreak havoc on our well-being. It is a heart-wrenching problem that many of us face. This article will shed light on this often misunderstood issue by delving into the three main causes that can lead to emotional stress.


    1. When someone depends on another person for a long time with various demands and the dependent person supports the other person, this unfair situation continues, and the dependent person’s heart becomes exhausted and loses energy. It means losing all strength from their heart. Then, their emotions become sad, lonely, and empty. Often, they lose all energy from their heart and continue to cry.
    2. When people lose self-love, they are constantly hit by guilt. Because of this, they try to suppress their emotions and act good, but negative emotions accumulate in their hearts. People who harbor negative emotions are often taken advantage of by others. They give up being taken advantage of because they love the other person, but their hearts are becoming more and more closed and hurt. Continuing such an unfair relationship will leave them mentally exhausted and empty. These people are often emotionally frozen.
    3. We must fill the void when we lose a connection with a loved one. In that case, we feel sad and lonely. We grieve a lot when we lose a family member, especially a child. Losing someone we love creates an emotional loss in our hearts. When we lose a beloved pet, we feel like we have lost a part of our hearts. Pets often bring happiness to our human hearts with their innocent energy. So, it can be challenging to fill that feeling of loss.
Holistic Practices for Emotional Healing

Holistic Practices for Emotional Healing

Emotional Counseling: Spiritual counseling is done on the first day of the Health Retreat Program. This is a very personalized process of reading each client’s unique energy. A skilled practitioner can discern how the client’s energy is shaping their current state.

Once the specific form of energy is identified, a dialogue is held, and questions are asked to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying imbalance. This is a safe space where every individual is encouraged to open up and share their story.

When the practitioner hears the client’s story, they begin to analyze it and explain in as much detail as possible what is causing it. The client then has a miserable emotional field that blocks all energy connections. It means opening up. Just as every illness has a cause, emotional stress also has a hidden cause.

The practitioner explains it in an illustrated way so the client can understand. Then, the client can understand their emotional map and the whole story, how to change the situation, and feel hope. We explain the situation objectively without digging deep into the problem. Almost everyone feels lighter after one hour of spiritual consultation and can move on from sad situations. Clients who start crying are smiling at the end of the session.

What holistic therapies support emotional healing?

Meditation Class

Meditation Class: Every day, we have a meditation class that starts with simple stretches to improve blood circulation. Our body needs much fresh oxygen to repair itself. People who are stressed have blocked heart chakras. It is essential to relax all the joints. Stretching opens all the joints and improves blood flow. It opens up the stiff body to receive more oxygen. Breathing techniques increase the body’s energy.


Ayurvedic Session: Steaming a bundle of salt and sand wrapped in cloth heats and circulates the entire body. This Ayurvedic treatment stimulates blood flow throughout the body. Smooth blood flow helps increase energy. Many of our stressed clients have cold bodies due to blocked blood flow.

Chinese Traditional Medicine

Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM): Applying Moxa treatment stimulates open-body acupressure points to improve Che (energy) flow. This treatment works deep within the body to detoxify toxins that have accumulated and relax the entire muscles and organs.

Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing: We use Tasmanian healing stones placed on the spine area to stimulate the nervous system’s flow. This stone sends rays that clear all chakra blockages, allowing you to relax more deeply.

Relaxation is essential for emotional healing. Hands-on treatment by a skilled therapist can help you release oxytocin hormones and relax deeply.

Our one-week health retreat program will detoxify your negative emotions. Most of our clients are very emotional in the middle of the week because negative emotions have been draining from the unconscious. Negative emotions are negative energy. The emotional healing process works very well when this negative energy is brought up. The next few days will focus on relaxing the body and mind.

We share the success stories of those who have benefited from holistic emotional healing.

emotional healing story

Everyone is emotionally and physically healed after completing the one-week health retreat program. You can’t be happy if you’re in a state of physical discomfort. Our body, mind, and emotions are always connected. Many guests who have experienced trauma, and those who had PTSD, have also recovered through the six-night retreat package.

It is very important to heal their emotions by not touching their pain, respecting their privacy, and sending them lots of love and fighting power. Negative emotions are locked away and hidden in the darkness, so we try to make them feel safe.

Through the above holistic sessions, we focus on detoxing and removing negative emotions from the subconscious. To heal trauma, we have to work holistically. Counseling alone cannot wholly heal emotions. A holistic one-week healing session will remove negative energy from your emotions, body, and mind.

Negative energy will come back time and time again if you don’t detox your mind, body, and soul. It is essential to completely clear negative energy from your subconscious mind.

Retreat Guest

How long does it take to heal emotional healing through holistic practices?

In our 6-night retreat package, we will heal your emotions completely. Let us compare our body to our chi. If the roots are rotten, your chi will fall again and again, right? So, if you cleanse the negative energy from the roots, the unconscious layer, your chi will become healthy. Mental illness is an emotional illness. If you cleanse the negative energy from your body, mind, and spirit, it will never come back.

We also teach all our clients how not to let their emotions be disturbed by wrong information from outside. So, after the six-night retreat, all our clients can change the track of their lives.

Retreat Guests with Whitney

Some risks associated with holistic emotional healing practices?

There are no risks in receiving our holistic emotional healing. We do not use any pharmaceutical drugs. Emotions have nothing to do with the nervous system or brain cells. Our brain and nervous system do not produce emotions. No one can explain emotions because people cannot see them.

But we are all energy healers. We can sense energy and feel it through our hearts. But no one knows what is producing emotions, even if a doctor does heart surgery.

From now on, the world of emotional healing will focus more on quantum energy healing. Emotions are important signs that tell us the truth and what we need to do.

If something is wrong, our emotions create pain and tell us that it is not the right way. What if someone enslaved us? We will be outraged because we are not slaves. Anger is an important emotion. If people judge us wrongly, our emotions turn into anger because it is wrong. Learning emotions is important to change our path.

Emotional healing is the most essential part of healing our heart chakra from now on. Focus on what you feel right now because your emotions will guide you down the right path.

The Unseen Elements of Wellness

How do we try holistic emotional healing?

Follow your emotions like wild animals and cats. Express your emotions more freely. In the social world, many people try to control their emotions. We have been treated as quiet children who do not have big emotions. That is why many people seem to forget how they feel now.

Feel more free to express your emotions. And express your feelings honestly to those around you. Don’t suppress your feelings inside. Put on some music and dance freely. Expressing what you feel may cause conflict with those around you, but it is good for your heart. It will improve your relationships and communication with those around you.

Finding Balance and Harmony

How can a busy person integrate holistic practices into daily life?

I recommend doing 3 minutes of deep breathing exercises in the morning. Stand barefoot on the ground—if you have a green yard, stand barefoot on the green ground. Then, breathe in and out slowly and sincerely for 3 minutes. As you breathe, tell yourself, “I am beautiful and perfect today.” This simple act of self-affirmation can boost your confidence and set a positive mindset for the day ahead. Also, say, “I am grateful for our beautiful planet.”

Find Clarity at a Meditation Retreat

Stay with us for one week for your emotional healing

Honoring your emotions is crucial, as they are your internal compass. When you’re feeling down, it’s a sign that something isn’t right. Conversely, when you sense the right action, your emotions guide you. They are always leading us towards happiness if we choose to listen. If you repeat this, your happy energy will fill up and empower you.

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