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Detoxifying or washing off the toxins from your mind and body are indeed beneficial. The same applies in acquiring deeper knowledge about your individual nature.

Each individual is in a diverse structure of personality. Some can be outgoing and sociable, while the rest can be the exact opposite character. Some can devour a whole full course meal in one sitting while the other can barely finish half of their meals. Oftentimes, it would leave us wondering what’s responsible for these distinctive personalities that make us unique from the rest. 

While the genetic developments may have their own understanding of how the human’s individual nature work, still, this doesn’t clearly explain how our characteristics and our multifaceted aspect makes us unique from the others. 

Ayurveda will find you a solution to these unremarked questions; accompanied with the 6 Days Ayurveda detox program – Pankacharma that can switch your entire perspective about how the optimal health and wellness can be possibly achieved.

If you’re wondering how Ayurveda is related to doshas— Ayurveda is the ancient holistic method of healing that observes your internal processes including your physical, emotional, and spiritual nature in the context of the universe. This also administers in developing a healthy diet, lifestyle, detoxification, sleep, and mind.

The doshas, on the other hand, are the biological energies found throughout the human body and mind. They’re in charge of the mental and physical processes. These doshas establish the individual blueprint for every person with health and a sense of contentment.

Learning these three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha will give you a better understanding of the significance of experiencing detox retreat in Australia. 

Doshas are developed from the Five Elements and its corresponding foundations.


These are qualities that reflect on the Space and Air elements. A person who primarily has the Vata constitution will have these elemental qualities that will redirect to their physical and mental qualities. Such a reason why most Vata types are mentally and physically alert.


These are qualities that deals with the properties of Fire and Water, resulting in people whom you might know are the ones that are more aggressive, feisty, and acquires an oily skin.


The qualities that touch on the elements of Water and Earth. A person reflecting the Kapha qualities normally has a sturdy body type and holds a sense of calmness.

It’s normal to experience imbalances from any of these three doshas. This is why we have a dual dosha constitution (Vata-Pitta, Pitta-Kapha & Vata Kapha) whose personalities are in a sense of split under certain circumstances. This potentially happens when the second dosha has a strong influence while the other governs most of our individuality.

Experiencing a rejuvenating detox retreat in Australia by knowing more about dosha!

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Harmony Hill Health Retreat detoxification services will help you achieve the holistic way of healing your physical and mental state without having to seek extreme medical attention for healing.

Doshas are shifting energies that continuously switches. This results from our emotions, actions, food intake, seasons, and the rest of the sensory responses that we physically and mentally consume. Once we live a life of fulfillment or contentment, it results in a healthy balanced lifestyle and diet and nurtures balance to our doshas. Including the relationships and your perception about life. Unlike when we live opposing to our engrained nature, we get to cultivate an unhealthy shape that may cause unwanted mental and physical imbalance.

If a portion of your dosha at the present state is likely near to both of your constitutions, then it will manifest a great physical condition. Wherein the opposite will result in imbalance. A state of imbalance is termed as Vikruti

The total primary doshic states are the following:

Balanced: This is also referred to as “equilibrium.” The doshas in this state are present in their natural proportions.

Increased: This is the “aggravated” or “excess state.” This means that a particular dosha is present in a greater-than-normal proportion. 

Decreased: This state is the “reduced” or “depleted state” wherein a specific dosha is present in a less-than-normal proportion.

Among the three states, the increased or aggravated states produce imbalances. These imbalances are stemmed from the usual stress you are absorbed. You may restore and revitalize the imbalances in some way through achieving and understanding both distinctive constitutional make-up, and how to stabilize your inner atmosphere to your outer environment.

6 Days Ayurveda detox program – Pankacharma

If you’re looking for a way to detoxify and balance your doshas then get yourself a relaxing detox retreat in Australia, Harmony Hill Spa Health Retreat. This coveted retreat center parades an array of revitalizing services within the 6 days Ayurveda detoxification program. 

Maintain a spiritual, health, and physical balance through Ayurveda consolidation to help you determine your personal Prakriti which is the optimal state of balance. It also identifies the imbalance frameworks or commonly known as Vikriti.

This Ayurvedic form of therapy is mediated with diet, herbs, Panchakarma, massage treatments, yoga, and meditation to restore your well-being.

Pankacharma, on the other hand, is a process involving the 5 methods to balance the doshas in your body and revitalize it. Having connected together, these three doshas is manifested by the divine universal being as determined in a philosophical aspect. Which means each of us is patterned through a combination of these unique forces.

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Ways to balance your Doshas

Are you aware when your Vata is imbalanced? It happens when you consume Vata-aggravating foods, eat when you’re emotionally unstable, eat on the run, drink excessive alcohol, coffee or black tea, smoking cigarettes, maintaining an irregular routine, and staying too late at night.

Balance your Vata through this healthy practices:

    • Eat a Vata-balancing diet.
    • Eat in a peaceful environment.
    • Engage in wholesome and contemplative activities (like spending time in nature).
    • Follow a regular daily routine.
    • Go to bed early.
    • Meditate daily.
    • Do gentle physical exercises like yoga, swimming, tai chi, or walking.

One of the keywords to remember about Pitta is cooling, calming, and moderation. Although your Pitta becomes imbalanced when you Eat Pitta-aggravating food, consume food when you’re emotionally disturbed, drink excessive alcohol, coffee or black tea, smoking cigarettes, overwork, and when you feel more like competing with the people above you.

Get rid of these imbalances by balancing your Pitta:

    • Eat a Pitta-balancing diet.
    • Eat in a peaceful environment.
    • Avoid artificial stimulants.
    • Engage in calming activities, like spending time in nature.
    • Meditate daily.
    • Do calming physical exercise, such as yoga, swimming, tai chi, or walking.

Kapha facilitates the building of corporeal structures and keeping its suitable functions accordingly. Although, this can be at a state of imbalanced when you start digesting Kapha-aggravating food, excessive eating, excessive eating when you’re emotionally drained such as sweets and the like, spending too much time in cool and damp weather, when you don’t spend more on physical activity, spending most of your time staying indoors, and avoiding intellectual encounters.

Start purging those unhealthy habits by keeping these:

    • Eat a Kapha-balancing diet.
    • Eat in a loving environment.
    • Avoid a luxurious, leisurely lifestyle
    • Focus on non-attachment in daily life.
    • Do emotional housekeeping regularly.
    • Make time for introspective activities, like meditation and writing.
    • Make a distinction between being nice and being taken advantage of.
    • Go to bed early and rise early, with no daytime naps.

Learning the significance and functions of your individual nature leads you to a greater understanding and devotion to holistic healing. And how Ayurvedic healing is the key to drive away all the weight on your shoulder. Treat yourself the rejuvenation of your mind and body needs by signing up with Harmony Hill Spa Health Retreat!

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