Time to Heal Yourself and Feel Better

Refresh Your Body, Mind, and Heart

Detoxify and Clear the Way to Renewal.

How (Un)Healthy Are You?

Welcome to Harmony Hill Health Retreat in Tasmania, Australia

All you need is a break from your busy lifestyle. Deeply relax and recharge in the tranquil Southern mountains in Tasmania.

We specialise in energy healing, meditation, Ayurveda, detox cuisine, and other traditional natural spa treatments, all exclusive for you. We do our best to provide exceptional and personalised healing services to meet your individual needs. Through our highly-skilled and gifted healers, we help you heal your body, mind, and soul.

To ensure that our guests have a comfortable stay, we limit the number of visitors to three per week. We value exclusivity over quantity, and that’s what makes us unique. 

We are owned and operated by Harmony Harvest, a Cosmos-certified organic spa brand. All products used in our retreat are Cosmos-certified organic.

We invite you to escape to the Best Health Retreat in Tasmania, Australia and experience our healing hands anytime.

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Staying with us

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Retreat Packages

We have 3, 5, and 6 nights retreats for relaxation, stress relief, and detoxing. The most popular retreats are the 5 & 6 nights which will heal you completely.

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Retreat Dates

Choose from a 3-night getaway through to the 6-night detox. Our retreats run from Monday to Sunday.

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There are two types of accommodations available for couples and singles. Click below to choose your retreat date.

Your Experience

Spa Sessions


Detox Cuisine

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Healthy Tips

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How We Detox Your Body And Mind

Healing is peeling out layers of stress and blockages that cover our body. Think about this, our illness is a result of our lifestyle. How often do you eat or drink? Our lifestyle choices greatly affect our health.

If your life is too busy and no energy to pay attention to healthy eating. In end, your digestive system will be full of junk and your body functions will be weakened.

So, it’s time to cleanse all undigested stuff into your tummy. Believe it or not, detoxing your digestive system is the fastest way to remove fat around the tummy and will also make your body fit. Cleansing your inner body will remove free radicals and inflammation.

Many of our clients noticed that they lose 2 kilograms of body weight in just 6 days with us.

No worries, you will not starve. We will be serving you clean vegan meals daily during your stay. Our vegan meals are designed as food medicine to clean your digestive system and also to relax your mind.

Our original spa treatments, Ayurvedic Herbal Oil Massage, and Sound Vibration Treatment will target mind and body relaxation.

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Now is the time to Detox your Body, Mind, and Soul.

We have been manipulated and suffered from negativity for so long. Fear and guilt must be overcome by awareness and replaced by love and spiritual light. 

Harmony Hill Health Retreat is different from other health retreats; we deeply detox your body, mind, and soul with our energy healing retreat in 5 or 6 nights retreat packages. 

Stay with us for a week, and we will renew you completely. You will become a new person and discover WHO YOU TRULY ARE.